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Nail Clippers Set

Nail Clippers Set

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Versatile 5-in-1 Baby Grooming Kit: This comprehensive kit includes essential tools for your baby's care: fingernail clippers, scissors, nail file, silicone ear swab with light, and tweezers. Store it at home with the stand or carry it in the convenient case.

Specifically Designed For Kids: The plastic parts are made of high-grade ABS, known for its toughness, strength, and lightweight properties, ensuring durability and safety.

  1. Nail Clipper: Ergonomic handle for a secure grip and precise control. Curved, overlapping blades effortlessly trim nails from various angles.
  2. Ear Cleaner: Small swab with built-in light for easy and safe cleaning of your baby's ears.
  3. Baby-sized Nail Scissors: Large hole handle, non-slip grip, and circular head design for precise trimming.
  4. Nail File: Smooth, rounded file perfect for small fingers and toes of babies and toddlers.
  5. Tweezers: Anti-slip handle with textured bumps, rounded tip design. Useful for removing nail scraps and cleaning delicate areas like ears or belly buttons.
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