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Milk Bottle Clamp

Milk Bottle Clamp

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Introducing the KUB Milk Bottle Clamp - Your Convenient and Hygienic Sterilizer Companion!

Key Features:
  • High Temperature Resistant and Non-Slip: This unique clip features a long handle designed for securely clamping feeding bottles and soothers from your sterilizer, even at high temperatures.
  • Convenient Sterilizer Accessory: The specialized tongs allow for easy removal of feeding bottles and soothers from your sterilizer unit or hot pan.
  • Hygienic Solution: Instead of using your fingers, use this product to securely grip the nursing bottle, ensuring hygiene and peace of mind.
  • Versatile Usage: Not only suitable for nursing bottles, but this clip can also be used to grip nipples or other tableware that has been boiled, providing added convenience.
  • Hand Protection: With this clip, you no longer need to handle hot items directly, ensuring the safety and protection of your hands.

Experience the convenience and safety of our Clip High Temperature Resistant Non-Slip Long Handle. Simplify bottle handling and protect your hands while maintaining hygiene standards.

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