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Milk Bottle Brush Set (6pcs)

Milk Bottle Brush Set (6pcs)

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Presenting the KUB Baby Bottle Brush Set (6pcs) – Your All-in-One Cleaning Solution for Baby Essentials!

Effortlessly clean baby bottles, water cups, nipples, and straws from every angle with our professional 6-piece brush set. 

Included in this set:

  1. Wave Sponge Brush: Featuring a high-density elastic soft sponge, it absorbs water and tackles tough stains with ease. Durable and pull-resistant, it's built to last.  Benefit from a thickened high-density porous sponge brush head, providing exceptional degreasing power to effortlessly tackle stubborn stains.
  2. Sponge Nylon Combo Brush: The ultimate cleaning duo – nylon and sponge brushes combined for maximum effectiveness. Ideal for thorough cleaning, ensuring your baby bottles are spotless.
  3. Sponge Pacifier Brush: Perfect for deep-cleaning nipple teats, removing hidden milk stains to keep your baby's pacifiers hygienic.
  4. Nylon Pacifier Brush: Specifically designed for nipple teats, ensuring no area is overlooked in your cleaning routine.
  5. Stainless Steel Straw Brush: Tailored for straws of varying thickness, with a top dispensing design to safeguard the inner wall of the straw from damage.
  6. PP Handle Straw Brush: For versatile straw cleaning, equipped with a durable PP handle for a comfortable grip.

Our Baby Bottle Brush Set prioritizes safety and cleanliness. Crafted from BPA-free materials, including a PP handle, it's both safe and odorless – maintaining a healthy, clean environment for your baby.

The set's hangable design ensures convenient storage without taking up precious space, keeping your brushes safe and hygienic without the risk of bacterial growth.

Elevate your baby's hygiene with the KUB Baby Bottle Brush Set (6pcs). It's your reliable partner for clean, safe, and odor-free feeding items. Experience the convenience and quality of KUB – order your set today!

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