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Foldable Bathtub | With Bath Cushion & Bath Net

Foldable Bathtub | With Bath Cushion & Bath Net

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Introducing our Foldable Bathtub with Bath Cushion and Bath Net: Safe, Convenient, and Hygienic.

  • Ideal for small rooms: Foldable design with 8 cm thickness. Easy to hang and dry.
  • Non-slip pad prioritizes safety. Sturdy safety bottom ensures secure seating for your baby.
  • Pyramidal structure with four-point support zone provides exceptional stability and minimizes fall risks.
  • Versatile design: Use bath mat and bath net for different developmental stages. Prevent drowning and protect ears from water.
  • Made of safe and environmentally friendly materials: High-quality PP and soft TPE. BPA-free for safe chewing.
  • All-in-one molding: No water leakage or cracking. Ensures durability even with extended usage.
  • Rounded edges and smooth internal wall for safety and comfort. No splinters or sharp edges.

Enjoy peace of mind and create beautiful memories during bath time.

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