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Electric Breast Pump (Grey)

Electric Breast Pump (Grey)

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Introducing the KUB Electric Breast Pump - Your Convenient and Efficient Breastfeeding Companion!

Experience the freedom to express breast milk whenever and wherever you want with our portable and lightweight electric breast pump. It's discreet, extremely quiet, and offers massage and express modes for your comfort and convenience. The pump is designed to mimic the natural sucking motion of a nursing baby, providing a comfortable and quick milk extraction.

Key Features:

  • Hands-Free Pumping: Enjoy a multitasking or relaxing pumping experience as our electric breast pump provides a hands-free operation.
  • Customizable Suction: Adjust the suction settings to your comfort level for a gentle and pain-free pumping experience.
  • LCD Screen with Timer: Monitor your pumping sessions conveniently with the built-in LCD screen and timer.
  • Includes Milk Storage Bottles: Comes with 2 additional milk storage bottles for easy collection and storage of your breast milk.
  • Safe and Gentle: Our breast pump is designed to be comfortable and gentle on your breasts, ensuring minimal discomfort during pumping.
  • Boosts Baby's Health: Breast milk is a valuable source of nutrition, containing essential nutrients and antibodies for your baby's healthy growth and development.

Convenience and Comfort in One: The KUB Electric Breast Pump is your reliable tool for expressing breast milk comfortably and efficiently. Build up a supply of breast milk for later use or manage breastfeeding challenges with ease. Ensure your baby receives the best nutrition with the convenience of our electric breast pump.

Enjoy the confidence and freedom to express breast milk whenever you need with the KUB Electric Breast Pump. Invest in a valuable breastfeeding tool that provides comfort, efficiency, and a gentle experience for both you and your baby.

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