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360° Rotating Toothbrush

360° Rotating Toothbrush

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Introducing the KUB 360 Degree Rotating Toothbrush - the Ultimate Antibacterial Oral Care.

Discover a new standard in children's oral care with the KUB 360 Degree Rotating Toothbrush. Crafted to ensure your child's dental health, this innovative toothbrush combines cutting-edge features for a comprehensive and effective cleaning experience.

Key Features:

🦷 360° Rotation: Revolutionize oral care with simultaneous teeth and tongue cleaning, effortlessly reaching all corners of the mouth.

🔗 Modular Design: Safe, glue-free, and hygienic modular brush structure that feels soft and lightweight.

👶 Gentle and Effective: Gentle on delicate gums, each 0.15mm ultra-fine rounded bristle ensures thorough cleaning and provide optimal comfort.

🌬️ Breathable Bristle Design: The innovative overlapping bristle layout ensures proper breathability, rapid drying, and zero water retention. 36 breathing channels formed by layered bristle pieces ensure quick drying and hygiene.

👶 Throat Guard: Carefully designed to prevent potential throat injuries during brushing.

🖐️ Thick Handle: Streamlined, thickened handle with a curved design for easy grip by little hands.

🌱 Antibacterial Nano-Materials: High-polymer nano-materials prevent bacterial growth and maintain cleanliness even in humid conditions.

🛑 Thick Handle for Easy Grip: Designed to be held easily by little hands, promoting independence in brushing.

The KUB 360 Rotating Toothbrush goes beyond traditional toothbrushes, offering a 360° comprehensive cleaning experience. Its advanced antibacterial nano-materials prevent bacterial growth, while the soft rubber bristles ensure gentle yet effective cleaning. The overlapping bristle design allows for breathability and quick drying, maintaining optimal hygiene. The toothbrush's unique throat guard enhances safety, and the streamlined, thickened handle ensures a secure grip for your child.

Created with your baby's well-being in mind, the KUB 360 Degree Rotating Toothbrush is a testament to KUB's commitment to providing top-quality oral care solutions. Prioritize your child's dental health today with this advanced and child-friendly toothbrush.

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